Gift Google Chrome to your Friends this Holiday Season!

Give Chrome

Google has been very good at marketing its web browser Chrome ever since it launched. For launch, they came up with the interesting idea of a comic which gave the details of the inner workings of the browser as well as the aims behind its creation. Recently, they aired one of the most interesting advertisements that you’ll ever see. Now, for the holiday season, they’ve come with the idea of gifting Google Chrome to your friends and loved ones with the theme of your choice along with a personalized greeting with a photo or video.

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Using Give Chrome, you can gift wrap Google Chrome with ‘super shiny artist’ themes (they’re available in the themes gallery as well if you’re already using Chrome) of your choice.

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The gift can then be sent to anybody using their name and email address.

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You can also personalize it more by adding a short message and a photo or video. The video is added via a YouTube video URL, so it your video of choice is somehow not on YouTube (gasp!) you have no other way of adding it.

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Add your own name and email address, click send and your Chrome gift will be on its way.

While there are obvious selfish reasons behind Google Chrome, increasing market share being the primary one, it’s a sweet way of spreading the word using the Holiday season. While I haven’t yet received a Google Chrome gift myself, I wonder if it provides links to Google Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux or just one of them. If you get this gift let us know in the comments. And if you haven’t given a gift to anyone yet, Give Chrome is a good place to start. As Google says, even your Grandma will love it.

P.S. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our readers!

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