Google Buzz – The new social service from Google

google buzz Google just announced their new service – Google Buzz. Catchy name, I must say. This service will be automatically available for all Gmail users. It will be integrated into Gmail just like chat and video. Although I have yet to receive the service myself, lets go through some of its features.


Google Buzz is a service that’s sort of like Twitter. It’ll allow you to share real time status updates, photos, interesting links,etc with your all your contacts. It’ll connect you to your favourite sites like Twitter, Picasa, Google Reader and Flickr by importing your data from them. You will now have a tab under your Inbox that says Buzz which will indicate new updates in real time. Intelligently, Google has made life easier for us by enabling this service for all Gmail users, no setup required. You have a choice between keeping your updates public or private. You can see photo thumbnails and videos within the updates. You can reply with an ‘@’ sign just like Twitter.

Google Buzz can be accessed from your mobile via Google’s mobile website. You can add the Buzz layer to your Google Mobile Maps (supported for all except Blackberry) and you can also go to (supported for Android and iPhone). Check out the video below to see all the things poosible with Buzz.



Although Gmail integration seems to be an intelligent move by Google, I don’t see Buzz replacing any other services. Having said that, I think it won’t be as confusing as Wave!

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