Google provides limited Nexus One support!

Phone Support

Google has finally stepped up, and started offering a support phone line for Nexus One owners. I think it is necessary seeing the big number of customer complaints – but pretty much useless. Nexus One owners can call (888) 48NEXUS between 4am and 7pm PST to speak with customer support. Unfortunately, they will only be able to get information on status/shipping information on your order.

For technical support or repairs and returns, you will have to call HTC customer care (1-888-216-4736). For billing/service support, you should contact T-Mobile (1-877-453-1304).

Seriously though, it’s a pain in the ass to call 3 places for services. Google should shape up their customer support services. They should have done this the moment they released the Nexus One. Come on Google, give us the goods, or don’t give us at all!

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