Chrome 121 users AI to power smarter tabs, custom themes, and “Help Me Write” assistant

Search engine giant Google is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with its latest Chrome browser update, version 121. This release introduces several experimental generative AI features designed to enhance user interaction, offering smarter tab management, personalized themes, and even AI assistance in writing content.

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New Chrome 121 features will roll out over the next few days

Organize Similar Tabs

One standout feature of Chrome 121 is the “Organize Similar Tabs” functionality. Leveraging AI capabilities, this feature automatically groups open tabs into cohesive Tab Groups, eliminating the manual effort traditionally required for tab organization.

Whether you’re planning a trip, researching multiple topics, or shopping, Chrome’s Tab Organizer streamlines the process by suggesting and creating tab groups based on your open tabs. Users can initiate this feature by right-clicking on a tab and selecting “Organize Similar Tabs,” with Chrome even providing suggested names and emojis for the created groups.

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Customize Chrome with AI themes

Taking personalization to a new level, Chrome 121 introduces AI-generated themes for the browser. Users can now create custom themes based on specific subjects, moods, visual styles, and colors without being AI prompt experts. The text-to-image diffusion model, previously seen in Android 14 and Pixel, enables users to quickly generate themes by visiting the “Customize Chrome” side panel, clicking “Change theme,” and selecting “Create with AI.” The possibilities are vast, allowing users to express their preferences and enjoy a more personalized browsing experience.

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Help Me Write

Another groundbreaking feature is “Help Me Write,” an experimental AI-powered writing assistant integrated into Chrome. Expected to launch in the next month’s release, this feature allows users to right-click on any text box or field on a website and select “Help me write.” The AI then assists in jumpstarting the writing process, making it easier for users to compose well-articulated content, from reviews to RSVPs or formal inquiries.

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Google has announced that these features are rolling out to Chrome browsers on Macs and Windows PCs in the U.S. over the next few days. Users can enable these experimental AI features by navigating to the Settings section, clicking on the three-dot menu, and accessing the Experimental AI page.

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