Google Chrome for iOS introduces web app support

In the latest update to Google Chrome for iOS, users can now take advantage of a new feature that allows them to add web apps directly to their device’s Home Screen. This capability was previously limited to Apple’s Safari browser, but Apple’s recent iOS 16.4 release opened up this functionality to third-party apps.

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iPhone users with Google Chrome can now add web apps to the Home Screen

With the updated Google Chrome app, users can now save their favorite websites as web apps on their iPhone or iPad. This feature enables quick access to websites without the need to switch to Safari. To utilize this functionality, users must ensure they have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on a device running iOS 16.4 or later, as earlier versions lack the necessary API support. From @chris on Threads: 


Adding a web app to the iOS Home Screen allows users to open and use it just like a regular app. This means that instead of redirecting users to Safari or Google Chrome, the web app operates as an independent entity. Furthermore, thanks to iOS 16.4 and its subsequent versions, these web apps can even deliver push notifications, replicating the experience provided by native apps.

Apple has been actively embracing web apps, with the forthcoming macOS Sonoma, currently in beta and set for an official release later this year, enabling Mac users to save websites as web apps using Safari. This push toward web app integration is seen by some as Apple’s attempt to address accusations of anti-competitive practices concerning the App Store.

The free Google Chrome app for iOS is available on the App Store and is compatible with both iPhones and iPads. Users who already have the app installed should update it to the latest version to access these exciting new features.

In conclusion, Google Chrome’s latest update for iOS brings the convenience of web apps to the Home Screen, allowing users to save their preferred websites for quick and direct access. As Apple continues to embrace web apps across its ecosystem, users can expect more seamless integration between the web and native applications, providing enhanced flexibility and convenience.


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