Second ‘unexplained phenomenon’ Google Doodle – Crop Circles

Just as promised by Google Korea’s Blog, the 2nd doodle in the series of clues is up on the today. 10 days ago Google puzzled users worldwide with its ‘unexplained phenomenon’ doodle. Many theories began circulating online explaining the doodle. Later, Google’s Korean Blog revealed that the doodle was in fact the first one in a series of three clues. It also said that the next clue would be up on the 15th of this month.


The second clue shows a crop field with a UFO hovering above it. The field has a series of crop circles that spell out Google, only this time, the ‘L’ is missing. Clicking on the image takes us the the search results of crop circles. Like the first one, this image’s URL suggests that the ‘L’ is missing too : This doodle was accompanied by a tweet from @google that gives us these coordinates : 51.327629, -0.5616088. When entered into Google maps, they take us to Woking, Surrey, UK. Woking became popular because H.G.Wells lived there and parts of his novel, “The War of the Worlds”, were based here as well. Could this very well be his birthday celebration?

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