The Google Doodle : Unexplained Phenomenon, Explained

Google got the world thinking about their ‘unexplained phenomenon’ doodle yesterday. The doodle depicted an ‘o’ from ‘Google’ being beamed up by a UFO. It linked to search results for ‘unexplained phenomenon’. More interestingly, the doodle’s URL was:, that also shows a missing ‘o’. Adding to this strange doodle was the encrypted tweet by @google that translates to “All your O are belong to us”, an obvious reference to the catchphrase “All your base is belong to us”.

Google Doodle

Various explanations have surfaced for the doodle. Some say it was because of the District 9 movie, some say it was due to the Exeter UFO Festival that took place yesterday in New Hampshire. Crazy suggestions like Google has been infiltrated by aliens and that could be the reason of Gmail’s failure.

All these explanations aside, this seems to be the most likely one : Google Korea’s blog says that this was the first clue in the series of 3 doodles that celebrate a famous person. The next doodle will be up on 15th September. The hints are ‘mystery’, ‘invisible’ and ‘novel’. As suggested in the comments of The Google System Blog, this famous person could very well be H.G.Wells, whose birthday is on 21st September. He’s famous for his work in science fiction, well known books “War of the Worlds”, “Invisible Man” and “The Time Machine”. This could very well be an explanation to the Google doodle. What do you think its about?

[Via The Google System Blog]

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