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Google Meet is a free video-conferencing app developed by Google. The app offers up to 100 members per call, integration with Google Calendar, and, screen-sharing. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Google now offers this app for free. Anyone with a Google account can sign up for this app and start using it, whereas previously it was a paid-service.

Google Meet shortcut

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a rise in demand for video conferencing apps. Google has been working hard on their Google Meet service and has been putting out new features regularly.

Google Meet has it’s very own shortcut now. The shortcut will help users with opening a Meet session quickly. This shortcut is especially useful for individuals who regularly use this service. To use this shortcut, simply go to the search bar or your preferred internet browser and type in, your browser will automatically start a new Google Meet session.Google Meet

There are also some helpful keyboard shortcuts available for Meet on the G Suite Learning Center for more convenience:

  • To turn your camera on or off –  ⌘/Ctrl + e
  • To mute or unmute your microphone – ⌘/Ctrl + d

There are also some accessibility shortcuts available:

  • To announce who is currently speaking – Shift + ⌘/Ctrl + Alt + a then s
  • To announce current information about the room – Shift + ⌘/Ctrl + Alt + a then i

Google Meet

Furthermore, users can attach numbers to the shortcut to switch between their personal and business accounts. You can also create a bookmark of and to easily switch between your accounts.

Google has several other .new shortcuts that are used to access different functions and services quickly. Such as, for Google Docs and for Google Slides.

Recently, Meet also received a noise cancellation feature called the de-noiser. This tool can be used to fade out several types of background noise, as long as they are not too close to the microphone, in a meeting. This feature can be used to minimize distractions in a video-conference.

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