Google Chrome for Mac brings new downloads experience with quick access to files

Google Chrome for macOS has introduced a new download experience for Mac users. With this update, users can now easily view and access their recently downloaded files.

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The new downloads feature in Google Chrome on Mac improves control over downloads

The new download experience on Chrome for Mac is being gradually rolled out. It relocates the download tray to the right of the address bar, close to the top of the browser window.

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The new download tray also includes several new features, such as the ability to pause, resume, or cancel downloads, as well as open the folder that a download was saved to. Additionally, if a download is flagged as potentially malicious, the new interface will provide additional context, such as the file’s name and size.

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New features in downloads in Chrome for Mac

  • New location: The new location of the download tray makes it easier to find and access recently downloaded files. It’s also more consistent with the location of the download tray in other browsers, such as Safari.
  • More control over downloads: The ability to pause, resume, or cancel downloads from the download tray gives you more control over your downloads. This is especially useful if you’re downloading a large file or if you need to pause a download for some reason.
  • Enhanced security: The alert for potentially malicious downloads helps to protect your Mac from malware and viruses. If Chrome detects that a download is potentially malicious, it will show an alert in the download tray. You can then choose to cancel the download or to open it in a safe mode.
  • More modern look: The new download tray has a more modern look and feel. It’s also more responsive and easier to use. The new design makes it easier to see your downloads and take action on them.

Google says that a more advanced deep scan function will be coming shortly, which will provide even more protection against malicious downloads.

Overall, the new download experience in Chrome for Mac significantly improves download management and security. The new download tray is more easily accessible, provides more control over downloads, and includes a security feature that alerts users to potentially malicious files.

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