Google Pixel team caught using an iPhone to mock Apple on Twitter

After the launch of its latest Pixel 7 series, Google has joined Samsung in publically going after Apple. But it appears that Google’s own team does not use Pixel.

On October 20, the Google Pixel team was caught mocking Apple CEO Tim Cook on Twitter using an iPhone. 

google vs. Apple

Google Pixel team also uses an iPhone

Whenever Twitter users Tweet via mobile, their Tweets are posted with “Twitter for iPhone” on iOS and “Twitter for Android” on Android to identify the used source or platform. 

Recently, when Cook used the hashtag #TakeNote before the announcement of new products on Twitter, it was revealed that the hashtag has been used Utah Jazz NBA team for years. The team’s official Utah Jazz Twitter account commented “well, this is awkward” but later it was deleted and replaced with a “Happy to have everyone taking note” response.

Although the rift was settled between Apple and Utah Jazz, the Google Pixel Twitter team considered seizing the moment for self-promotion. Replying to Cook’s Tweet, the team wrote:

“Hmmm Okay, I see you #TakeNote @NBA fans…#TeamPixel is here to get you closer to your favorite team, tell us yours and we might be able to make your NBA Tip-Off even better.”

Google Pixel Twitter

What the Google team had not anticipated how clever and keen-eyed, Twitter users are. User @Ian Zelbo was quick to notice and point out that the Google Pixel team had used an iPhone to mock Apple, as its Tweet had “Twitter for iPhone” as its source, *major facepalm moment.

Luckily Zelbo took a screenshot of the team’s Tweet before it was deleted. Zelbo recently created iPhone SE 4 renders for FrontPageTech.

At the Pixel 7 launch event, Google mocked Apple for copying its features in the new iPhone 14 a little too late. It said that the Pixel series has been dominating smartphone innovation so when “others” in the industry follow its lead, the company takes it as a compliment. 

It appears that Google needs to convince its employees as well that Pixel is better than iPhone.  

Apple Insider breakdowns similar incidents in the past when rivals were caught using Apple’s tech. 

As long ago as 2013, T-Mobile’s CEO gushed about the Samsung Note 3 on Twitter – from an iPhone. And Huawei employees got demoted and their salary cut $728 per month for one tweet promoting the company via an iPhone.

In 2018, Samsung sued a Russian “brand ambassador” for $1.6 million after she used an iPhone X instead of whatever Samsung junk she was paid to push.

Then there’s Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, who in 2016 tweeted from an iPhone instead of a Microsoft Windows phone. He claimed he had an excuse, though.

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