Google mocks Apple for “copying” Always-On display, Crash Detection and more

At Google’s  Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch launch event, the company’s VP of product management, Brian Rakowski took a very subtle dig at Apple.

Indirectly referring to the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro features like Always-On display,  Crash Detection, and Photonic Engine, Rakowski said Pixel introduced those features years ago and has led the smartphone innovation, so the company takes it as a compliment when “others” in the industry follow its lead.

Apple - Google

What Apple offers now on iPhone 14, Google introduced years ago on Pixel claims VP

Apple has introduced a new safety feature ‘Crash Detection’ across the iPhone 14 lineup to automatically connect users to emergency service if met with a car accident. Rakowski highlighted that Google added the safety net three years before Apple in Pixel 3.

We introduced car crash detection three years ago along with other important ways to keep you safe like safety check and emergency sharing. It’s an amazing track record of pioneering features that were first on Pixel and make the experience so much more helpful.”

Google vs. apple

Next, he mentioned that Pixel 2 added an Always-On display and at-glance information on the Lock Screen. And the Pixel 3 introduced Night Sight for photography in low-light environments.

“Pixel has always been a leader in smartphone innovation and we take it as a compliment when others in the industry follow our lead. Like the always-on display and at-a-glance introduced with Pixel 2, putting useful info right on your lock screen.

And there’s Night Sight, which launched with Pixel 3 and astrophotography which set a new bar for low-light photography on a smartphone.

Google vs. apple

Google vs. apple

There was taking a jab at the new iOS 16 Lock Screen that allows users to add widgets on the Lock Screen to get info at a glance and iPhone 14 new camera system; a new Photo Engine with Deep Fusion to capture sharper and brighter images in low-light conditions available across the series and the all-new iPhone 14 Pro Always-On display with 1Hz refresh rate.

Last but not the least, Rakowski also hoped Apple finally “Gets the Message” to adopt the RCS protocol.

“RCS is the modern industry standard for messaging and it’s already been adopted by MOST of the industry. We hope every device maker GETS the message and adopts RCS, making texting better for every smartphone user.”

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Apple has never claimed to be the first to offer a feature, the company sure does maintain that it offers the best version of the feature. But it appears that Google has joined Samsung’s league to promote its products by making fun of others.

As far as RCS adoption is concerned, Apple CEO Tim Cook has already said that its customers were not pressing for the technology, and for a better messaging experience with an iOS user, people should buy an iPhone.

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