TikTok adds new Photo mode, editing tools and more on iOS and Android

Popular video-sharing app, TikTok has introduced new ways for users to express their creativity and enhance their visual storytelling skills on the platform. The new features include Photo mode, editing tools, and the ability to compose longer descriptions.

TikTok new updates are available to iOS and Android users in the United States and most regions around the world as an expansion of what’s possible with content on the app. Here is everything new on TikTok.


All the new features on TikTok for users to enjoy more creative freedom

  • Enhanced editing tools are designed to “empower” users to share richer stories.
    • Edit clips to stack, trim, and split video clips.
    • Edit sounds to cut, trim and set the duration for sounds.
    • Edit and position text and set its duration.
    • Add photo and video overlays for picture-in-picture or video-in-video stacking.
    • Adjust video speed to make the video clips faster or slower.
    • Frame content to rotate or zoom in and out of the frame of individual clips.
    • Add sound effects.


  • Photo mode offers a new format for users to express themselves through a carousel or slideshow of high-quality still images which are automatically displayed one after another. Users can add music to the carousel and swipe the images at their own pace.
  • Longer descriptions in Photo mode up to 2,200 characters for each post.


As per the announcement, the TikTok community has used the new features with “incredible ingenuity” and the company is looking forward to seeing how users enjoy more creative freedom.

We’re excited to see how an enhanced editing experience powers storytelling and makes video creation intuitive and more accessible, making it easier than ever to create great content.

TikTok’s success has inspired several rival social apps to copy its full-screen video-sharing formats like Instagram, Snapchat, and even Twitter. But looking at the new Photo mode, it appears that the Chinese video-sharing app has taken a little inspiration from Instagram which was previously centered around photo-sharing.

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