Snapchat is testing a new ‘Remix Stories’ feature to compete with TikTok Duets and Instagram Reels

Leaker @Alessandro Paluzzi discovered that Snapchat is testing a new ‘Remix Stories’ feature to allow users to creatively edit stories and share them with friends. The new feature will help Snapchat to compete with TikTok Duets and Instagram Remix Reels.

TikTok has changed the social media dynamics by giving users a unique experience of creating videos, building an audience, and earning revenue. Therefore, other social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat copied TikTok’s model by introducing Reels and Spotlight, respectively. In October 2020, the social messaging app introduced the ‘Sounds’ feature which allowed iOS users to add songs to play in their videos’ background. And now, the filters specialist is copying another TikTok feature.


New ‘Remix Stories’ on Snapchat

As per the shared images by @Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter, the Remix feature will allow users to record a clip, and tag one or multiple friends before posting the recorded clip on their story so that the mentioned friends can turn the shared clip into a creative project. Mentioned friends will be able to add emojis, turn the clip into a loop, add text and music or use it in a duet. They can also pick the layout of where they wanted the edited clip to appear.

Paluzzi mentions that the feature is in the beta testing phase and the exact date of its launch is not certain. He has also discovered that the social media company is working on an auto-captions feature to improve accessibility by allows users with hearing impairment to read subtitles.


Snapchat has been adding new features on the platform to offer users relevant features. Previously, Twitter introduced the ability to share tweets in the Snapchat story as a sticker. It also released a new multiplayer painting game called Bitmoji Paint which allows players to paint a huge canvas in different pixels.

When users start the game, they see a list of various floating islands and can join any one of them to start the game. They can participate in any of the three game modes: move, paint, and map, communicate via voice or emojis with other players and even come back later to resume their painting.

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