Snapchat releases new Bitmoji Paint multiplayer painting game

Snapchat has released a new multiplayer painting game called Bitmoji Paint. It lets players paint on a giant canvas divided into a grid with individual pixels.

When users start the game, they see a list of various floating islands and can join any one of them to start the game. They can participate in any of the three game modes: move, paint, and map, communicate via voice or emojis with other players and even come back later to resume their painting.

Bitmoji Paint

Bitmoji Paint – new painting game by Snapchat

Snapchat hosts a bunch of games that users can play with each other. The company has previously released three original games, which are available to play in the app, along with third-party options.

With Bitmoji Paint, players can use their avatars and participate in the painting game. Snapchat has aimed to make the game full of creative scribbling and fun via various communication features like emojis and voice.

Ba Blackstock, co-founder of Bitmoji, said in a statement:

“Our goal with Bitmoji has always been to be the world’s avatar, to give people a digital version of themselves that represents them and lets them be themselves online. And so now with games, it’s also letting people play together in a really new and fun and exciting way.”

John Imah, head of games and entertainment partnerships at Snap, said:

“A lot of the playability in the game is things like simple scribbles. You can send fun messages, and also even [make] giant landscapes, all these things are all possible in Bitmoji Paint.”

The update is rolling out now to all Snapchat users worldwide. To play the game, open a chat with a friend, and tap on the rocket icon on the bottom right. You should be able to find Bitmoji Paint in the games list.

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