Google Search Results get Makeover – Bing inspiration evident

Google has updated the look and feel of its search results by bringing in some new elements in their user interface. At first sight I thought they are a little bit inspired by the colorful Bing interface. These changes would make  search easier and better to find exactly what they are looking for.

Everything - Wind Power

The new left panel highlights the most relevant search tools and refinements of user queries. On the top of this new panel we have the universal search which suggests the most relevant genres of the user’s query and it enables you to switch between different types of the result. So, now you can easily switch to the results you want by filtering them, or you can use the “Everything” option to include everything in your search results. Apart from this, we can filter results by selecting the time option in which you can filter out search results just like we can in Google news. The time can also be set to real-time so that you get the freshest search results for your queries.

With all the addition of left hand side changes, Google have also updated the look and feel by changing the color palette and logo. This is what Google wrote about the new changes on their blog.

The new design refreshes and streamlines the look, feel and functionality of Google, making it easier to pinpoint what you’re looking for. It’s powerful, yet simple. Today’s changes are the latest in our continuing efforts to evolve and improve Google. We’ve been testing these changes with users over the past few months, and what we’re launching today reflects the feedback we’ve received.We want to ensure that the Google you use today is better than the one you used yesterday, and these latest changes open up many possibilities for future features and enhancements.

So, all these changes will make the overall searching experience easier. These changes are beginning to roll out today globally across in 37 languages. If you can’t see the changes yet, it might take up to 24 hours before you can see them.

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