Netflix unveils Grand Theft Auto trilogy for iOS and Android, launching December 14

Netflix has expanded its gaming catalog with the addition of the iconic Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, including Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The trilogy, remastered for mobile devices, will be available exclusively for Netflix subscribers on iOS and Android platforms.


Originally released for consoles and PCs in November 2021, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition received critical acclaim for its enhanced graphics and gameplay upgrades. Now, Netflix is bringing these classic titles to mobile devices, allowing users to explore the ruthless world of crime in Liberty City, experience the neon-soaked tropical town of Vice City, and navigate the streets of San Andreas from the comfort of their handheld devices.

Netflix brings Grand Theft Auto Trilogy to games: III, Vice City, and San Andreas

The highly anticipated trilogy will be available exclusively for Netflix subscribers on iOS and Android, accessible through the Netflix mobile app. The remastered versions promise to deliver an exceptional experience for new and nostalgic players, immersing them in the captivating worlds of Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.

Subscribers can pre-register for these games starting today, with the official release slated for December 14, 2023.

Grand Theft Auto
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To indulge in these gaming experiences, Netflix subscribers need devices running iOS 16.0 or later for iPhones and iPads equipped with the A12 Bionic chip or later.

Netflix’s foray into gaming has gained momentum, with the platform now offering over 80 games across various genres. This move aligns with Netflix’s commitment to providing diverse entertainment options to its subscribers, allowing them to access a wide range of games without ads, in-app purchases, or extra fees, enhancing the overall value of a Netflix membership. The inclusion of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – The Definitive Edition adds a touch of nostalgia and excitement to the gaming catalog, catering to a broad spectrum of players.

Subscribers can also anticipate more releases, including games based on popular Netflix series such as Money Heist and Shadow and Bone, further diversifying the gaming portfolio and catering to fans of these acclaimed shows.

Grand Theft Auto VI

The release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on Netflix comes amid heightened anticipation for the next major installment in the franchise, GTA VI. Rockstar Games recently announced that the trailer for GTA VI will be revealed in early December, further fueling excitement among the gaming community.


The release of GTA VI is expected to be a significant event in the gaming industry, and Netflix’s acquisition of the trilogy rights for mobile platforms positions the company to potentially integrate GTA VI into its gaming catalog.

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