Guy cracked his iPhone 4 on the first days which cost him $199

Just before the launch of iPhone, the guys from iFixit showed us that the screen of iPhone 4 would easily break if it falls from an average height. iFixit have again showed, after the launch of iPhone 4, that it is easily breakable. This problem was highlighted by many other people too. After its launch in Australia. a 22 year IT student named Steven from Melbourne bought an iPhone 4 on the first day of launch and within hours he dropped it on concrete and smashed the screen after the device slipped from his hands.

iPhone 4 cracked Apple claims that glass of this iPhone 4 is much more resistant than of previous generation of iPhone and they compare it to a helicopter windshield. But these images of the cracked iPhone 4 do not show this.

Users of iPhone 4 will have to be lot much careful of dropping it because the glass repair of iPhone 4 is much more expensive than of iPhone 3GS and 3G. You can not claim warranty if the phone is broken like that. Steven gave his device for repair the same day and it cost him $199 while the same damage for iPhone 3GS or 3G would have cost him $129 which is quite less. iPHone 4 has similar break pattern

McCredie who repaired the device said:

Repairs are likely to remain more expensive than for iPhone 3G and 3GS as the front glass and touch sensor are laminated to the LCD and cannot be replaced separately.

Apple talk about “aluminosilicate glass” on their website which is used for iPhone 4. It is chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic but still that glass breaks down if it falls from average height.

We feel sorry for the guy who had to spend more money for repairing his iPhone on the very first day. He also said he that he has dropped his BlackBerry phone just like that before but it never broke down.

Steven said

I kind of regret not putting the cover on straight away but I didn’t think it would shatter like that, I just thought it would be a small scratch.

It’s not even as durable as a BlackBerry – I drop the BlackBerry all the time but i’ve never seen something that’s shattered this quick.



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  1. well if you didn't drop it, then it wouldn't be cracked! Accidents happen but you can't ask for a full touch screen phone that has a glass screen to be so durable that you can throw it around. Mines has been very good no problems and i've actually dropped it a couple times. Still no problems. If you want a phone that you can throw around go get a military phone!

  2. Don't be so harsh on the guy, I'm sure he regrets having dropped it. But obviously, a lot of people have experienced scratches on their iPhone 4's with even the simplest of drops. If despite Apple's claims that the glass is very durable, this happens, you have to expect an outcry from people.

  3. Woah, I have almost exactly the same type of crack that the first image shows, including the long arc that extends past the sim slot as well as the one that extends to the button. I wonder what that means…

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