iPhone 4 is not unbreakable

About a week before the launch of iPhone 4, the guys from ifixyouri showed us that the screen of iPhone 4 was not unbreakable. At that time iPhone 4 was not launched and what they had was one without a motherboard and so many though that was a fake iPhone 4. But now after the launch of iPhone 4, ifixyouri showed us again that glass of iPhone is breakable and this time it was a fully working iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 broken

No camera tricks were used in this video and this is really not a fake iPhone 4 as they first showed that it is working. The height from which the iPhone 4 was dropped was about the level where you would be holding your it while using, standing up. The results are heartbreaking and you would pray that you dont drop your iPhone 4 and see your screen shattered like that.

[via Gizmodo]

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