White iPhone 4 spotted in UK Apple Store

Before the launch of iPhone 4, Apple said in an official statement that somehow the white iPhone 4 has proved to be more challenging to manufacturers. White iPhone 4 was expected to launch in the second half of the July according to their official statement. But now a video by Sky News shows two people showing off white iPhone 4s in Central London Apple stores.Which means that these lucky buyers got white iPhone 4s a month before it was expected to ship.

white iPhone

The buyers in the video looks pretty excited about the launch and they had to wait for hours to get hold of their new iPhone 4. Apple stores in US have not seen the white iPhone 4 yet but it looks like somehow in U.K they are selling white iPhone 4, as shown in the video.

According to another report Apple had only delivered 16,000 iPhone 4 for the launch day. Maybe because of its antenna and other issues, but still this is the first place where the white iPhone 4 has been delivered.

[via 9to5mac]


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  1. I see nothing that proves anyone was able to buy a white one. The white phone(s) shown in the video could be demos, just as they had white demos at WWDC and elsewhere.

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