White iPhone 4 mystery solved.

Two days ago we posted that some guys got White iPhone 4 from the UK Apple store. A Skynews video clearly showed that a couple of people were using a White iPhone 4 near Apple Store. This was a very surprising news because even Apple Store in US did not have supplies of White iPhone 4 which is expected to launch in mid July. But the mystery is solved now, as it turned out that the women in the video with a White iPhone 4 is Telegraph’s Claudine Beaumont and it was her review unit.


The woman in the clip talking about the iPhone 4 is Claudine Beaumont, our Technology Editor, and the white iPhone 4 in her hand is the review unit that Apple gave us. Claudine tells me that she was offered a choice of a white or black handset and decided on white. Inexplicably she also chose to decorate it with a horrible green bumper but that’s beside the point.

But what about the other guy in the video with White iPhone 4? Well whoever he is, one thing is for sure that he was not a regular buyer of iPhone 4 and now we know that nobody has received White iPhone 4 and it would be launched in mid July.

[via macstories]

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