iPhone 4 Proximity Issues Causing Problems During Calls

Since the launch of iPhone 4, many issues have been reported by users. The first issue reported was that its glass shattered if it falls from average height. Then some users reported that iPhone 4 has some display discoloration issues which go away with time according to Apple. The most annoying issue reported has been about its signal strength problem which might get a fix this Monday via iOS 4.01. And now 9to5mac reports that iPhone 4 has proximity sensor issues which are causing calls to hung up.

iPhone 4

It appears that the proximity sensors of iPhone 4 are less sensitive than their predecessors which is causing hang-ups for  people who hold the iPhone close to their ear, move it slightly away and then touch their cheek to it. Some people are muting it by mistake.

This might not be a big issue with iPhone 4 and Steve Jobs might want us to get used to it by not holding it that way. Seriously though, only a few people have reported this issue but they’re really annoyed. The Apple discussions are growing, and one of the user wrote:

I’m having an issue with the Proximity Sensor not properly detecting when i’m holding my phone to my ear. I can confirm that the iPhone sensor is working by covering it with my finger, but when held to my face, the screen blinks as if it cannot decide to disable the screen or enable it. It results on me hanging up, putting calls on mute, and dialing numbers accidentally while i’m on the phone. This occurs on 90% of my calls. Is anyone else experiencing this issue. I would like to confirm whether this is a software issue (Proximity Sensor sensitivity too low) or a design issue (sensor now placed towards the end of the phone).

Looks like another issue that Apple should try to fix with iOS 4.01 update expected to be released this Monday.

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    Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings

    Fixes the proximity sensor issue immediately.

  2. I have a question for everybody that reads this forum regardless of whether you have the problem or not. Please help us and answer this even IF YOU DO NOT have the proximity problem!!! Does ANYBODY have an “iPhone 4” that has a proximity sensor that activates further away than 3/4 to 1 3/4 of an inch away from the phone? The 3GS and previous models seemed to have an activate range of about 2 inches away. Please let us know.

    The reason that I am asking is that if NOBODY has a phone that has a better range than the average of 1 inch then it won't matter how many times I go to exchange my phone because it won't be fixed until they update the software or firmware or in worst case do a recall.

    I would like to try and find out if this problem is only on some iPhone 4s or if it is all of them and only some of us that use the phone on our ear are having the problem and others are not because of bluetooth headsets etc. and the problem would not affect those users.

  3. This is a major problem for me. I got my iphone 4 on prelaunch day (June 24th). From day 1 it puts calls on mute, facetime, dial numbers, etc. This happens about 90% of my calls.

    I spote to AT&T support and Apple support. They aggreed that it may be a hardware issue & had me set up an appointment for exchange at the Apple store. 45 mins each way to the nearest Apple store & i was told they all do this & I should learn to hold it differently. The damn thing is smaller than a pack of cigarettes. How many ways is there to hold it?

    I am thinking about returning it & just using my 3G that I never had a problem in 2 years with.

  4. Help, can anyone tell me if they are having the same problem as me, my Iphone 4 seems to drop the call list when i lose my signal in the death grip. I am about to purchase a case to see if it stops but I need help as i run a business and cant afford for numbers to disappear

  5. I cannot believe that Apple has not put a fix out for the proximity sensor malfunction.

    I view the signal strength problem as a minor issue compared to MOST of my calls being interrupted because of the proximity sensor malfunction.

    Shoddy work. Not what I expect from Apple. Especially when it worked well with previous iPhone versions.

  6. I am having the same problem with the proximity sensor. The Iphone 4 is hanging up, putting calls on mute, and dialing numbers accidentally while i’m on the phone. This is the first Apple product I have purchased, I will think twice before purchasing another Apple product.

  7. I am the end of my tether with this damn I phone 4. 95% of my calls, are either cut off, put on mute or I end up call someone else… It is driving me MENTAL!!!

    Please Apple…. Give us a fix… Im ready to toss it in the bin.

  8. I had this problem since I got the phone. Called numerous times, visited the store and updated the OS – last Sunday I even exchanged my phone for a brand new one. guess what —-? Continues, this annoying, embarrassing curse of not being able completing a simple uninterrupted, unmutted or messed in another way phone call!!! What is left to do???

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