Presenting 8 Problems with iPhone 4

Since the launch of iPhone 4, many issues have been reported with it such as reception issues when you touch its antenna band. It also has some display discoloration issue but Apple says they go away with time.The glass (front and back) of iPhone 4 is shattered if you drop it from average height and some are saying it has also some proximity issues which are causing hang ups during calls. So, seeing all these problems, teqnolog has shared an amazing image in which they have highlighted the eight problems of iPhone 4.


Although iPhone 4 does have some issues, this image criticizes it a little too much. It is expected that the antenna band ‘death grip’ issue of iPhone 4 would be solved with iOS 4.01 update this Monday.

[via teqnolog]


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  1. i have a problem with dialing form my favorites list….
    does any one have the same problem?

    I m using iphone 4 -ios 4.2

    1. the 9th issue is,my iphone4 works for 5 days and then goes off ,trying to switch it on it gives me a sign to connect it to iTunes……….i have to up date it every 5 day..its wasteof time.

  2. WOw….so true, iphone sucks when I see Steve jobs is trying to connect two times over wifi in the presentation,what an epic failure and it sucks :P after dis resolution, I think HTC , Sony and Nokia will come out even more higher resolution soon :P iphone fail

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  4. i have just sent my i phone 4 back what a load of rubbish
    issues were signal and bluetooth headset when i receive a call i can hear them clearly they said i had to stand still as i was crackling and they couldnt hear me
    what a lad of rubbish i think will change to another phone dont rate apple

  5. I've just received my iphone 4 a few weeks ago, after reading these comments and doing a little researched I'm having second though about my iphone 4, I'm thinking about returning it and re-activating my old 3g until apple solve these problems

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  7. Had mine for a week. Dropped it from hand to floor, and the back shattered. I find it bewildering that they wouldn't test for this. Probably didn't smash on their deep shag carpets

  8. I had my phone for about a week now and I have not been please with it. Besides of all the speculated issues that have been going on with the system, I received many drop calls, especially where I work inside of a building. The phone gets hot searching for signal even when I am not using it. It is a shame that Steve did not recognize these problems earlier. My only solution is to return this device to apple and trying to get my money back. In the meantime, I will be waiting for my contract to be over with AT&T and then switch with Verizon.

  9. my first Iphone 4 a lot of dropped call and many time I got the message no sim card apple they replace it and the second one I got the audio very low through the speaker or directly from the phone so I give up and I want back to apple store and I got my money back I am never buy another iphone until apple company correct all that problem with Iphone 4 ………. my name is NAZ

  10. I see a lot of posts about the problems listed above, but what about the over heating issue? or the one case where the faulty pin connector set the phone on fire? The number of problems I keep seeing I think Im sticking to Android phones here out…

  11. I can open e-mails that have pictures imbedded on my IPhone and the pictures all open. On my Iphone 4 can not open the pictures

  12. ive had my iphone 4 for about 2 weeks and its amazing i havnt had any problems with the phone coolll phone guys :)

    1. then why are you on a page about iphones reading it dickhead.
      youve never used one who cares. you dont ever want to who cares.
      go and make pointless comments somewhere else


    I've been eagerly waiting for the iPhone 4 to be released, and decided to go with three as they had the cheapest option with most minutes. I originally had been with three, about 7 years ago, and remember having signal problem, but since then they have advertised heavily with improved network.

    Soon as i got it, that's when problems started.

    DAY 1…. I had fluctuated signal issues, where the signal bar would go up and down without touching the phone, Three advised to get a case it was a known issue, how will that solve the issue I'M NOT TOUCHING THE PHONE!! anyway got one, did not resolve, called them back and offered md half price 1 month line rental, whilst the work was being carried out in one particular area i was having issues with.
    They offered me a call back this did not materialize!

    DAY 2…. Issues getting 3G signal, particularly indoors, tested at four main areas i travel too between 10 and 100 mile apart. Took handset back to the store they are not interested as i had used the handset, and accepted a discount from three!! HOW THE HELL DO YOU TEST A PRODUCT FOR DEFECTS WITHOUT USING IT!!!

    DAY 3…. Rung Back three and agreed to have the handset replaced, agreed to it, but decided to test the SIM in my iPhone 3GS handset, same fluctuating problem, this handset had been on the o2 Network for the last 12 months never such problem, was advised this was a known issue on all iPhone handset… OKAY!!! WHATEVER!!

    Rung back, told me to put it in another manufactures handset to which i did, told me to go through network settings to see what signal it captures, WE both agreed IT WAS NOT CAPTURING 3G SIGNAL where i was located Offered 1 MONTH free line rental, i refused this I DID NOT WANT OFFERS and MONEY BACK, I just want i service i was paying good money for.

    DAY 4…. I noticed the proxy sensor wasn't working properly, as few times i had hit the mute button with my ear, they agreed to get the Handset replaced, ONLY AFTER COMPLETELY LOSING IT WITH THEM!
    The offered me a second call back

    DAY 5…. I got a TEMPERATURE ERROR message on phone, message read the phone needs to cool down before i use it again, hard reset did not fix this message, but did clear after 10 minutes… ignored this error as i was going get handset replaced, but still needed to use handset, for a few days. I mentioned of the call back they meant to do, apparently they called yesterday, but could not connect to my phone, DUH… that would be because no signal!

    DAY 6, Cold morning, browsed internet for 5 minutes … TEMPERATURE ERROR!! could not use it for 30 minutes, the phone was not even HOT!!
    Called back three, BY NOW I WAS TOTALLY ANGRY WITH THREE, and really KICKED off at them, call disconnected, due to TEMPERATURE ERROR, few seconds cleared and called back again DISCONNECT due to TEMPERATURE ERROR… AAAHHHHHHHH!!!

    IMMEDIATELY went back to store and demonstrated the error during a call.
    HANDSET RETURNED and Refunded and Contact CANCELLED!!!

    This was the worst experienced i have ever had with issues both with the network as well as the handset, this had caused me alot of grief in the last 6 days, all i was doing was repeating myself and nobody wanted to accept responsibility and accept that there was a problem, i had to do the constant chasing, as well as the travelling. i Had spent… must be at least 4 hours calling three with all my problems!

    GEE am i glad to get out of the contact, there's reason why their Tariffs so GOOD, it cos their networks so SHIT!
    The store kept pointing at their 14 days policy at the point of sale, that they will accept return if i was not happy with it, but when it came to the crunch, bollocks!
    I had been on o2 Network and always used the phone for everything and my bill was always £32.50 after discount never went up or down, but with three i had already spent £1.01 outside my allowance in the first few days, when i asked of this, it was due to picture message, isn't that part of the bundle! oh it's NOT, PICTURE EMAIL is!!! what the hell is picture mail, isnt that when you send a picture using email which is part of your data bundle?? very puzzling and not straight forward.

    Good Riddence!

  14. I have the same problem with proximity during phonecalls which is SO annoying. Also after a phonecall i noticed my iphone 4 was very zoomed it and will not zoom out thus im going to have to go to the shop. Very dissapointed, i miss my blackberry!!

  15. I’ve noticed no one seems to of had the same issue as me…..My iphone 4 Led flash is permantley on….
    When I make a call I blind everyone around me!

  16. Having moved from a Blackberry Curve 8900 to an iPhone4 I find that I cannot transfer telephone contact details to my Pioneer incar entertainment system which allows handfree calls. It was an expensive piece of kit and although calls can be made manually when stationery it is such a huge drawback to keeping the phone. Can anyone help?

  17. I have a new vodafone Iphone4- signal falls away even when not touching it and during texting I have to return to settings and carrier to finish sending, then in a split second signal has gone. Bitterly disappointed. Voda promise to call back but dont. My calls to them are expensive and I’m kept waiting at my expense- disgusted

  18. I am having the problem that every time I talk, my ear touches the MUTE button and i can’t hear… I have very normal normal ears ( trust me) and have not been able for 3 weeks now to have 1 single phone call without pressing the mute… driving me insane !

    did u guys hear about this already ?


    1. Hahaha I do that too… usually only when I’m laying on my bed with the iphone to my ear though. My boyfriend will be all “Umm… hun? Hello? Are you there? …. :| You’ve muted yourself again”.

  19. I use to have no signal at all and I found that when u switch the 3G off then I have full bars wer ever I goo and it’s sill fast on the Internet with out using 3G. Hop this helps

  20. Anyone having any problems with the iPhone 4 alarm? I’ve set it for 6am and for the first three days it decides to go off at 5am. How annoying! Now, apart from setting it to 7 instead I have checked this several times and cannot make sense of it. And yes, I have definitely set the correct time! Thanks to anyone who can help!

      1. Funny thing – I showed it to a friend who sells phones. He set a new alarm time and it went off immediately, correctly too. He simply deleted my original alarm and then I reset it. Would u believe that it works now!? Strange but true!

        1. i call b-shit on the alarm… i tried setting a new alarm and still wakes me at 5… i swear if it happends again it will be thrown in the face of who bought it…. $700+ for a phone that cant even keep a simple alarm lmfao what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should have known better and stayed with a black berry

  21. I had my iPhone 4 for, almost a month now. It was fine until yesterday. Whenever I call/receive calls the person in the end of the line can’t hear me. I tried everything, charging it to the max, switching it off & on again, changing the headset & without a headset. Same thing!? It’s so frustrating!!!!!!!!

    1. Have you managed to fix it? I have the exact same problem! However the phone works very well on Skype so it’s not a speaker/microphone problem.

  22. Thank you everybody! I was looking at buying the Iphone 4 after seeing all the cool videos, so one day I decided to see if there is any problems with the iphone 4. Now since i’ve seen all these annoying problems, I’ve finally made my decistion. I’m gonna go with android and the the Samsung Captivate!

  23. I see and read allm those commonts and i have the same problem with my iphone 3G. i find out how to solve this problem. turn off the calanther time and than set it back to ur phone time. strange but it works, the only things u must set all ur appiontment manauly.

  24. Eversince i use iphone4, i’m having problem of sending international sms. 3 hours ago, i could not make not receving any call at all. I did not touch or change any setting. I have made 2 phone calls before it happened!

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  26. hey guys trust me today i want to buy new iphone 4….but when i see ur coments i now dnt buy iphone 4 ……thnx for info

  27. Hi I cannot hear from hearing phone of Iphone 4, I just bought it 8 days back. Although it worked properly 6-7 days but on 8 th day during one call the voice lost from hearing phone.
    Please note that speaker & head phone working properly, I’ve checked voice “+” & “-” too but no change, please advise me what to do…

    1. Exactly the same thing happened to me, I have only had it 6 weeks and all of a sudden the earpeice doesnt work in the phone, so now its useless. Making calls using the speaker phone is not fun. I must be lucky, cuz I have to touch my ‘home’ button 3 times to get it to respond also, so I have a double lemon.

  28. hi i brpught i phone 4 last week now my phone is blank nothing coming when try to start its only slight blue colour screen display nothing else

  29. I have problem with the phone I got clear all n cancel I can’t redial a number coz of those tow sentence I got I can’t mute I can’t end call plz help me

  30. Is there Anybody who can help me fix my iphone4 prob? same with cassandra and district-H. when a voice call was made (incoming and outgoing calls), the caller on the other line cannot hear me but i can hear them. Anyone please…. Thanks alot and i will appreciate recommendations.

  31. i think the i phone 4 is great, may have a couple problems but com on guys , dont almost all electronics put out in stores months before they should have problems? exactly, iphone 4 bitch

  32. i bet 3 years continue use and iphone 4 is dead cause it uses 50%cpu and 60% memory on standby thats why its battery life is teriible

    i no fool i no iphone

  33. Can anyone help me out please,i have a problem with my iphone 4 and it is driving me around the twist so any help please!!!!!!!! I can send and receive text messages but for a real strange reason i cant not text one of my friends from my phone i have deleted it,edited it and put it back on my phone loads of times but still can not text them???does anyone else have this problem with their phone or is it just me????any help please.

  34. is anybody know how comes after download the cydia source but can’t find it on setting apps ?

  35. My new iPhone 4 shows faces in photos and vids only as if they are negatives! Also, the colours, if they appear at all, are all wrong – my red floor rug showed up as lime green and the mid brown cupboard doors showed up as bright blue. Are there more ways on the phone to adjust these things? I can find only the Brightness control and that’s done nothing useful. Have I bought a lemon or what?
    Secondly, the battery seems to run out quite quickly: 11% in 30 mins, from being fully charged.
    No wonder Telstra has been having a sale of its iPhone 4 stock.

  36. Contact list in my iphone4 suddenly froze and I can’t call/select any names and I can’t even check any missed calls, could anyone please help with the problem? what should I do?

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