iPhone 4 loses Signal Strength if you Touch the Antenna Band

Gizmodo, yes out of all of them, is reporting strange issues with iPhone 4. When users touch the antenna band, which is wrapped around the body of iPhone 4, it drops a few bars of signal. This doesn’t happen just with calls, but also with WiFi reception. The Internet speed slows down to a great extent when the antenna is touched.

This isn’t just a rumored report. Gizmodo now has around 13 videos sent in which prove the issue. Well, one of them shows that it doesn’t happen on his iPhone 4, but other videos prove that it does, which is kind of alarming. Couple this with the display discoloration issues and potential buyers need to stop and rethink before purchasing an iPhone 4.image

Weirdly, some users are reporting that the issues only occurs if you touch the left side of the antenna band. The above image shows the first test without hands off the antenna ( on 3G network ), and the image on the right shows with hand on the antenna.

iPhone 4 has just launched. All these issues popping up doesn’t bode well for Apple.

Go to Gizmodo to watch the rest of the videos.

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