Another solution of iPhone 4 ‘Death Grip’, A Band-Aid

After three weeks of hearing about iPhone 4 antenna reception issue, on Friday, Apple finally explained this problem and also gave a solution – they would give free iPhone 4 bumpers to every iPhone 4 user. Giving free cases to iPhone 4 users was the only practical solution available for Apple but now Antenn-aid have given another solution for iPhone 4 ‘death grip’ problem. They have created a custom-sized sticker for iPhone 4 especially designed to fill the antenna gap of iPhone 4.

better solution for iPhone 4 antenna reception issue This band-aid for iPhone 4 solves the ‘death grip’ just like tape or bumpers would do. It is available in different colors just like iPhone 4 bumpers and clearly are a cheap solution priced at $4.99.

Some would ask why Apple didn’t give something like this for solving the issue. Although this band-aid isn’t bad, the  iPhone 4 bumpers are way cooler and protect your device to some extent as well. Still, if you don’t want the free bumper, then you should definitely get one of these band-aids to solve the death grip issue.

[via mobilecrunch]

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