Tests prove that iPhone 3G and 3GS get better battery life with iOS 4

iOS 4 was released in the early part of June and Apple had announced that it would work on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. iOS 4 does not support many of its functionalities with iPhone 3G because of hardware support. Because of many new features in iOS 4, some would think that it would effect the battery life of iPhone with features such as multitasking. Macworld performed some tests to compare the battery life of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS on both iOS 4 and iOS 3.


During the test of iPhone 3G with iOS 4, it lasted for 210 minutes and surprisingly with iOS 3 it lasted for 200 minutes, so iOS 4 gave 10 minutes more battery life than iOS 3. iOS 4 gave 5 percent longer battery life than iOS 3 which is not a big difference but still we thought battery life would decrease with iOS 4 because of its new functionalities.

iOS 4 V iOS 3 battery life in iPhone 3G

During the test of iPhone 3GS with iOS 4, it gave time of 282 minutes and with iOS 3 it lasted 247 minutes and so again iOS 4 gave a lot much battery life than iOS 3. iOS 4 gave 14 percent more battery life which is a big difference.

iOS 4 V iOS 3 battery life in iPhone 3GS

The tests clearly prove that iOS 4 does not only have some great new functionalities but also it gives better battery life then iOS 3. So, it shows that with iOS 4 Apple not only provided multitasking but also figured out how to save battery life.
[via macworld]


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  1. The MacWorld article is rubbish!

    iOS 4 has severly killed the iPhone 3G. It constantly crashes and often freezes for 20-30 seconds in Safari and seems to be polling wifi.

    Battery life has been significantly damaged as a result. I am now charging two or three times a day instead of twice a week.

    What a rubbish upgrade!

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