iBooks app updated with audio and video functionalities to version 1.1.1

In the later part of June, Amazon’s Kindle App was updated for iOS devices with audio and video support. Because of this we were expecting Apple to provide audio and video support for their iBooks App as well. Yesterday, Apple updated its iBooks app by releasing its version 1.1.1 as a universal update. It has support for embedded audio and video just like Kindle app.

Apple yesterday updated its iBooks app for iOS devices with several new functionalities like:

– Double-tap an image within a book to view it in greater detail.
– Experience books that include audio and video.
– Enjoy substantial performance improvements when reading PDFs.
– Look-up definitions to English words inside books without a specified language.
– Addresses an issue that may have caused some book downloads to not complete.
– Includes many stability and performance improvements.

The iBooks app was updated just after Apple released iTunes 9.2.1 which brought some new changes with media management, playing, and syncing application.
[via macrumors]

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