New Xbox 360 Arcade ships on 3rd August for $199 , Kinect standalone priced at $149, bundle coming this holiday for $299

About a month ago at E3, Microsoft announced the New Xbox 360, S Arcade version of Xbox. This version is just like the 250GB version but it also includes 4GB internal memory, a new design with matte shine, built-in 802.11n WiFi and a port of Kinect. Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed the pricing of new Xbox 360 Arcade SKU, it will be available from 3rd August with the price of $200. Apart from this, Microsoft has also announced that Kinect will be available in November for $150 with a free Kinect Adventure game by Microsoft. Also, if you buy Xbox 360 Arcade + Kinect bundle than it will cost you $300.


Microsoft has also said the Kinect games by Microsoft will be a lot cheaper so that most of the users can buy it easily. The standard games now for the Xbox have a price $60, but Kinect games by Microsoft will be available for $50.

Xbox 360 with Kinect will be an all new gaming experience for the gamers and surely others gaming companies will find it difficult to match this product. The great thing about new Xbox 360 with bundled Kinect is that their price is very reasonable and most gaming lovers can buy it easily.
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  1. Microsoft’s Kinect could be a game-changing platform, if marketers and developers can connect the dots (pardon the wordplay). Not only does it provide unique opportunities for gaming and other more traditional forms of entertainment, but it also has high potential to affect commercial areas as diverse as retail, customer loyalty programs, fitness and education–enabled by various forms of augmented reality and social gaming.

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