iPhone 4 Proximity sensor issue to be solved with next software update

One of the issues reported with iPhone 4 is of proximity issues which cause problems during calls. Although only a few people have this issue. Today, Apple announced in their live press conference that they are currently working on a proximity sensor issue fix and they would soon give another software update to solve it.


iPhone 4 proximty issue

The proximity sensor issue of iPhone 4 has never looked a serious enough issue like the reception issues but still Apple mentioned this in their press conference which means they’re taking it seriously.

So I have some other updates. We’re tracking some problems with the proximity sensor and we’re working on it.

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  2. Yes there IS an issue with the proximity sensor.. I just bought my 4 and already it has muted itself during a call to my grandmother where she thought I hung up on her. As well as had 2 hang ups and number punches every time I’m on a call. And I highly doubt a software update will fix it.

  3. Proximity sensor is a joke!! Everytime I’m on a call, regardless of outbound/inbound, the call ALWAYS either:- hangs up, mutes; goes to speakerphone, or does the stupid FaceTime… It’s really annoying!!

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