Halide is a beautiful camera app for iPhone with manual controls

The iOS App Store is full of camera apps ranging from Camera+ to Microsoft’s AI based camera app as well as many others. Halide is the newest entrant in the iPhone camera app arena and touts a beautiful design and a feature set purely focused on still photo capture.

Halide is a beautiful camera app for iPhone with manual controls

Halide calls itself a ‘premium’ camera app for iPhone because it tries to provide an experience as pleasant as using a physical camera. This means putting controls in easy reach through button layout or gesture controls, similar to how buttons are placed on a physical camera. The performance of the included features is also very fast – again, like a physical camera – which means you can take snaps, go in and out of manual focus, use focus peaking and instantly change details like ISO and exposure without having to dive deep into different menus and controls.

Halide iPhone camera app

Here are all the features in Halide:

  • Manual controls for exposure, ISO and white balance
  • Live histogram
  • RAW and JPEG support
  • Grid overlay and level
  • Quick-review for captures
  • Intelligent automatic mode
  • Gesture support and fully customizable button layout

Camera+ is available for $2.99 and offers a lot more value for money if what you are looking for is a lot of features, including filters, detailed controls to tweak photos, and much more. For an app with a focus on manual controls, there is Manual in App Store which costs $3.99 which has almost the same feature set as Halide. However, if you are just looking for an app with manual controls, focus peaking, customization and an attention to details, Halide is the right app for you. It even has its own custom typeface!

Halide is currently available at a discounted price of $2.99 in the App Store. The price will go up to $4.99 after a week.

Download Halide from App Store

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