HeartWatch app provides detailed information based on heart rate readings from Apple Watch

Apple Watch has an highly accurate heart rate monitor which stores data in Apple’s Health app in list and graph views. However, the views are simple data and not very smart – it is difficult to interpret anything from it. This is where HeartWatch steps in. It reads heart rate data from Apple Watch and divides it into different states which include walking, regular, workout and sleeping. It does all this automatically and turns your data into meaningful health information.

HeartWatch ships with an app for iPhone and Apple Watch.

The iPhone app looks similar to the Activity app, utilizing circular views and colors to show information. A calendar view shows the circular graphs for each day – the more blue color each circle has, the better your heart readings have been for that day. A red circle means that your heart rate was too high during that day. Go into further details for that day to see a breakdown by color and readings.

HeartWatch app provides detailed information based on heart rate readings from Apple Watch

The app for Apple Watch provides a complication so users can quickly see their current heart rate or if there is anything abnormal with it. The watchOS app itself is very fast and shows the minimum and maximum heart rate readings and the latest reading for the day. The view changes if you are working out by displaying the current and average heart rate readings. The app also keeps track of sleep cycles and logs the hours.

The benefit of using HeartWatch over the built in Health app for readings is that the longer you use the app, the better it collates your information and shows a history to help you figure out if anything needs your attention in relation to your heart rate readings.

HeartWatch is a must have app for health and fitness conscious Apple Watch owners and is available in the App Store for $2.99

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