New Apple Watch Ads show off bands, features and third party apps

Apple has aired new ads for Apple Watch which show of its built in features, changeable bands, third party apps and health and fitness functionality. The ads also feature Nick Jonas, popular singer and actress Chloe Sevigny, continuing the tradition of Apple involving celebrities in their ads, following up to their Kobe Bryant, Taylor Swift, Jamie Foxx and Cookie Monster commercials.

New Apple Watch Ads show off bands, features and third party apps

Apple has posted 7 new ads which can be seen below.

The first ad titled ‘Row’, shows the workout app being used during a row machine exercise routine.

The second ad is titled ‘Chase’. It features Nick Jonas working out and checking an app’s leaderboard to see his progress against his brother Joe.

‘Find’ show Chloe Sevigny looking for her iPhone and ending up using the Apple Watch’s ping iPhone feature.

‘Swap’ shows off Apple Watch’s replaceable bands, with a black milanese loop being swapped for a sports band for a casual look.

‘Golf’ shows Watch’s activity progress notifications.

‘Surprise’ shows off message notifications and usage of an app to control smart lights.

‘Rain’ shows off Dark Sky giving a heads up notification that its about to rain.

‘Climb’ shows the Apple Watch’s accurate heart rate tracker while the actors are working out by climbing up a set of stairs.

The ads are simple, yet informative.

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