New Apple TV ad titled Father Time features Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan

Apple has aired its newest Apple TV ad titled Father Time which features popular basketball star Kobe Bryant and actor Michael B. Jordan. It shows off both celebrities using the Apple TV and its Siri remote during a discussion revolving around Michael’s hypothetical portrayal of Kobe in a movie.

New Apple TV ads titled Father Time feature Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan

Apple has been releasing a lot of ads with celebrities, including the Cookie Monster ad, Taylor Swift ad and many others including Jamie Foxx and Stephen Curry. This is yet another one where Apple uses celebrities’ star power to showcase their product features.

Kobe Bryant can be seen showing off his basketball videos through the NBA app on Apple TV, to inspire Michael. In response, Michael launches ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’ using Siri to jump to a specific time in the movie to show what role he will actually be playing.

The ad is a fun little show of Apple TV’s Siri capabilities, which Apple has been improving through tvOS updates. If you have not gotten your hands on an Apple TV yet, it is worth checking out at your nearest Apple Store.

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