Hide Instagram photos, videos or albums by using the new Archive feature

Instagram has added a new useful feature in their latest update called Archive. This feature lets users hide any photo, video or album from their Instagram profile, without deleting it.

Archiving content from your Instagram profile does not delete. Instead, it removes it from your profile and moves it to a private Archive section. From this section, content can be restored to your profile later, with its comments, date, likes, caption and location data intact. It also goes back to the same location in your profile instead of appearing as a new post.

Archive Instagram Photos, Video or Albums

Archiving posts on Instagram is very simple.

  • Open your Instagram profile and open the post you want to Archive or hide.
  • Tap the button with three dots on the top right (or 3D touch your post and swipe it up on supported iPhones) and you will see the Archive option in the menu. Tap it and your post will disappear from your profile and move to the Archive section where only you can see it.
  • To restore the post, tap on the new icon on the top right of your Instagram profile which will take you to the Archive section. This is the icon that looks like a clock but with an arrow curved around it.
  • Select your post, tap on the button with the three dots and tap on Show on Profile in the menu that shows up.

Like most Instagram features, Archiving is only possible via Android and iPhone apps.

Perhaps the most popular photo sharing app in the world, Instagram has slowly been adding new features to their app like collections and archiving. Collections lets users create Pinterest like groups of posts from all across Instagram. These collections can be labelled with any name you want. Unlike Pinterest, these collections are private. It is likely that Instagram might allow them to be made public in the future.

Keen observers would also notice that Instagram has finally released a new feature that is not inspired by Snapchat. Instagram has introduced face filters, fast rewind and forward effects for Stories already, which are clearly copied from Snapchat.

Update your Instagram app to start using the new Archive feature.

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