How to use SharePlay on Twitch and watch live streams with friends on iPhone and iPad

Apple announced a new feature FaceTime SharePlay at the WWDC 21 event which will allow users to virtually connect with family and friends to watch movies or videos, listen to music, collaborate or just hang out browsing the net. Now, the feature is available in iOS 15.1, and iPhone and iPad users can SharePlay on Twitch to watch live streams together. We have an easy-to-follow guide for you to enjoy the FaceTime SharePlay experience on Twitch. 

SharePlay on Twitch

How to easily start group FaceTime SharePlay on Twitch 

To use the SharePlay feature make sure your Twitch app is updated to the latest version and all participants must have to the Twitch app and be logged in to their Twitch account. Up to 32 people can join group FaceTime call for a Twitch SharePlay session. 

  1. Start a FaceTime call and tap on the icon to SharePlay 
  2. Open the Twitch app and simply play a stream you will like to watch together. The permission prompt will appear if you like to play the stream for you or for everyone, select everyone to play the video in real-time on the devices of all the participants. 
  3. Since Twitch natively supports SharePlay, all participants can control the stream like play, pause, skip, and more in sync. Furthermore, each participant can chat, follow, subscribe and cheet with Bits via their separate account. 

SharePlay on Twitch


How to easily start group FaceTime SharePlay on Twitch 

  1. Each participant has the control to end the SharePlay session on Twitch by ending the FaceTime call, closing the stream, or ending the SharePlay within the call. 
  2. The participant who chooses to end the session will be asked if he/she want to end the stream for oneself or everyone. 
    • Choosing to end the SharePlay session will not close the stream for other participants but will stop playback synchronization.

iOS users who do not have the Twitch app can download it from the App Store for free and can purchase Bits and tokens. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV. However, the SharePlay feature is not supported on Twitch Apple TV app at the moment. 

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