Enable Facebook Video Chat in Mac OSX Lion

Facebook’s big announcement this week was the unveiling of their new integrated video chat feature using Skype as the back end. This new feature allows users to directly call their Facebook friends, right inside of the web. Unfortunately, this new feature is not available to OS X Lion users and the latest beta of Safari. Clicking on the icon will give you an error that your browser or OS is not supported.

Enable Facebook Video Chat in Mac OSX Lion

Never fear beta testers! There is a fix for this issue. And it’s pretty simple too! All you need to do is change Safari’s user agent. When you are in Safari, click the drop down called ‘Develop’ and select User Agent, then Safari 5.1 – Mac. Reload your Facebook page and you are ready to roll (See Image above). This will make Facebook think you are using the old version of Safari, and will allow you to use the new Video Chat feature.

One would think that with OS X Lion being released next week, that Facebook would have included it in its list of supported OS’s and Safari as a supported browser. Hopefully we should see this functionality come in the next week. Enjoy your Facebook Video Chat Lion users!

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