iCloud Sued By iCloud Communications Over Trademark Infringement!

This news rather comes with a surprise as Apple’s biggest invention of the year, the iCloud, has already received a lawsuit even before it has actually been launched to the general public. A communications company from Arizona registered by the name of iCloud Communications LLC, has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Apple over using the name iCloud. They not only believe that Apple’s advertising of iCloud is damaging their business but also think that Apple is offering services “similar to them”. I mean, seriously?


“The goods and services with which Apple intends to use the “iCloud” mark are identical to or closely related to the goods and services that have been offered by iCloud Communications under the iCloud Marks since its formation in 2005. However, due to the worldwide media coverage given to and generated by Apple’s announcement of its “iCloud” services and the ensuing saturation advertising campaign pursued by Apple, the media and the general public have quickly come to associate the mark “iCloud” with Apple, rather than iCloud Communications.”

Even worse, iCloud communications has demanded that Apple should not only stop using the name iCloud immediately but also hand over all advertising labels, signs, prints, brochures, letterheads, invoices, business cards or any other written & recorded materials for permanent destructions. Wow guys, do you really think Apple is gonna go with it? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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[via TNW via MacStories]

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