More Details about Apple’s iCloud Music Service

Apple is getting closer and closer to releasing their iCloud Music Service. They have been busy signing labels and buying up domain names. Now we have more information about Apple’s mystery service and what it could bring to the table.

The new iCloud service is expected to work by scanning a users iTunes library, and then transferring that to the service. This would allow a user to play and listen to music from anywhere and from any device with internet access. Also, the service is expected to be bundled or sold separate from MobileMe, costing $99 per year. Speculation also suggests that the service may also be available on a monthly basis as well.

The service will now compete with Amazons Cloud service as well as Googles new Music Beta service. With WWDC coming up within the next couple of weeks, we can be sure that we will be hearing more details emerge about the service and how Apple intends on using it soon.

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