iOS 5 will not support iPhone 3GS

A tweet has been posted by Eldar Murtazin, who is the editor-in-chief of the phone blog Mobile-Review, that says “Just one comment. Apple iPhone 3Gs won’t be upgradeable to iOS 5.x” Of course this is a rumor, but Eldar has been famous for his predictions of rumors and is right a lot.

Apple dropped support for the original iPhone when iOS 4 was released, while limiting features available for the iPhone 3G. Apple later dropped support for the iPhone 3G with the release of 4.3. Since the 3GS is now over 2 years old, it would make sense that Apple would drop it from it’s cycle of updates and start to only support iPhone 4 and the new 4S (or 5). It is also possible the Apple will release iOS 5 for the 3GS, but will limit the functionality, similar to what it has done in the past with the 3G. There is obviously no confirmation at this point, however we may hear news soon as Apple’s WWDC event is scheduled for June 6th with the announcement of iOS 5 imminent there.

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