Apple iOS 5 will feature new widgets and updated notification system

Apple is reportedly pushing journalists and reporters to attend their WWDC event, because of groundbreaking software updates. This will include iOS 5 and Mac OSX Lion. The rumor in regards to iOS 5 is the new up-to-date widget system (similar to that of Mac OSX) and a revamped notification system.


iOS 5 will also still include voice controls, and apps, but will focus more on widgets. The new notification system is being designed by the same person who created the notifications for Palms WebOS. I feel the lacking part of iOS currently is the notifications, so I’m glad Apple has taken notice to the complaints about their current system. Also, it is nice to see that Apple is bringing up to date widgets, similar to those in Mac OSX, to iOS. Widgets to show weather, Facebook notifications, your calendar, etc.

Stay tuned here for more up dates about iOS and updates about WWDC.

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