Mac OSX 10.6.8 update brings enhancements to Mac App Store to ready your Mac for Lion

Apple’s latest Mac OS X Update, 10.6.8, will enhance the Mac App Store to ready your Mac for Lion. Including are updates for VPN reliability, as well as fixes for a bug with Preview.

Another major note for this release is the update to identify and remove known variants of Mac Defender.  Last week, Apple sent out an email to employees to not help customers in the removal of the virus. Now, a week later, Apple is releasing an update that will help to remove the virus and will secure the hole that gives you the virus.

With the Mac App Store update, speculations about Lion are becoming true. It looks like that Lion upgrade will be available through the Mac App Store as a download and install. This will create a better experience for users and Apple. Users will be able to upgrade instantly, within an hour (guessing the download will be 2-3GB in size). And Apple will be making and shipping less disks to users.

You can expect the OSX update within the next week or two, hopefully by or when WWDC comes up.

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[image via 9to5mac]

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