Apple Employees told to not assist customers with MacDefender Infections

An internal document was sent to Apple Employees telling them to not assist customers that are infected with the MacDefender virus. The MacDefender virus shows up on your Mac as an AntiVirus application. If you have this virus or downloaded the installer, be sure to download the program or dmg immediately.

The document that was sent out, that we have attached below, tells how Apple does not want support to assist in the removal of this virus. Employees are also told to not confirm or deny that a user has installed the program and to not elevate the issue to tier 2.

Apple wants employees to not get involved with users who have gotten the virus, and instructs them to disregard the issue. Apple employees are only instructed to tell customers to cancel the installation of the MacDefender program and delete the application if it has been installed. Apple then instructs employees to tell customers to make sure they have all software updates and recommending the installation of an AntiVirus program from the Mac App Store.

Below is the actual notice sent to Apple employees courtesy of

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