Apples mandatory weekend meeting for it’s store employees is said to be new store launch!

We reported yesterday that Apple was getting ready to overhaul their retail stores this weekend, and we are getting word of something even bigger.

The stores will reportedly be getting new iPads to use for employees terminals, including a new RetailMe application for in-store use. Another rumor is that the iPads will replace the paper signs next to product to allow for an interactive sign for the product they are displaying. In any case, AppleInsider was able to get a photo of an Apple Store that recieved several iPads for store use.

Apple has been giving their employees several training modules on iPads to help with this rollout as well. The new stores will feature a unique “start up” area to help new customers setup their devices and assist them with the setup of their new computer.

There will obviously be new signage since most stores still have old signs in the front as well as a new store layout. Much is still left to speculation, so if you want to find out for yourself, get there early on Sunday and check out the new store.

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