Apple’s MacBook Airs due to be refreshed in June or July

Apple’s line of sleek and slim MacBook Airs are due for a refresh in the coming months, and will most likely be internal upgrades.

MacBook airs

The MacBook Airs will likely be getting Sandy Bridge processors, and the new ThunderBolt I/O port as well. The sizes will remain the same with an 11″ and a 13″ model available. Apple will be trying to keep up with their MacBook Pro upgrades and because the Air is one of their top sellers, they are trying to keep it up to date. Apple is likely trying to get these up to date by the time they start the Back to School Program in the next few weeks.

We can only hope that Apple keeps the price the same and the size remains the same as well, since that is the major selling point for owning an Air.

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