REVIEW: Speck SeeThru Satin Case for MacBook Pro 15″ Unibody

If you have a MacBook Pro, then you know how much it costs to own this incredible machine. Speck offers cases to help protect your investment and keep it looking great with their new cases. Speck has given us one of their cases to review, so read on for the full details about their new cases.



From their site:

Yep, it fits the newest MacBook Pro, too! Silky-soft to the touch with the same protection as our trusted SeeThru line; introducing SeeThru Satin! Give your MacBook Pro a smooth, semi-translucent frosted finish with a grippy edge for your peace of mind. Allows you access to all your important plugs and drives while highlighting the unique look of your MacBook Pro 15


  • Silky-smooth soft-touch hard shell protection
  • Protects your MacBook Pro from scrapes and scratches
  • Smooth yet grippy rubberized exterior texture
  • Fully vented for safe heat disbursement
  • Totally removable — easy to put on and take off
  • Built-in rubberized feet keep your notebook stable and secure
  • Access to all ports, battery check button, Kensington lock, CD/DVD drive
  • Design lets you open/close your MacBook Pro all the way
  • Fits 15″ MacBook Pro (aluminum unibody/black keyboard)


  • 8 colors to choose from: Clear, Purple Satin, Pink, Red, Pink Satin, Black, Red Satin and Purple.


  • $49.95 at Speck



You can see the packaging above that the case came in. It was nice to be able to feel what the case was made of with the tester piece on the outside. There was no excess materials, just the 2 pieces of the case, the instructions. All the instructions said was to make sure the Macbook and inside of the case were clean before putting the case on. Installation was self-explanatory and pretty easy to understand, after all, it was only 2 pieces.


The first thing I noticed was how the case felt. I very much liked how it has a rubbery texture, making is more easy to grasp when carrying the laptop. The case was also thin enough to not add weight or size to the laptop itself, however, felt sturdy enough to keep the laptop safe. I’m not saying it would withstand a high fall, but I can see it holding up to a short drop easily. It is also nice to protect it from scratches in my backpack or setting it on my kitchen counter made of tile.

The case was very well made to allow all the ports to be visible and even allowing the new MagSafe charger to fit perfectly with the case on. The mold was done very well and fits like a glove.

The other part that I like best about the case is that it is SeeThru and the Apple logo is still shown thru the case when lit. It looks great with the red tint as well.

The bottom of the case is vented and still allows for great heat dissipation. The case did not suffocate the MacBook and did not cause it to heat up more than normal, which was a nice benefit.


My verdict for this case is this if you have just spent $2000 or more on a new Apple Laptop, go get yourself one of these Speck cases. You will not regret the purchase and it will protect your investment and keep it looking great as well. The quality is phenomenal, the case fit wonderfully and it feels great on the laptop itself, especially when carrying the laptop around.

I give this case 5 stars and rate it as a must buy!

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