Apple Store 10 Year Anniversary this weekend may be “Back to School” Program Launch

There have been quite a few rumors about Apple having a 10 year anniversary event this weekend. Stores have been receiving materials all week long and employees are said to report to the store early this Sunday morning for a mandatory meeting.

Now the rumors are pointing to Apple getting ready for it’s Back To School program for the year. The Back To School program gives students a free 8GB iPod Touch ($229) for free with the purchase of a Mac. Stores have been receiving new fixtures as well, assuming they will combine this with new store layouts and new fixtures inside the store.

One other theory is that Apple will be installing their new NFC payment system in stores, allowing customers to pay using Near Field Communication Technology.

However, it is still possible that Apple will be having some sort of celebration Sunday. So if you are truly a fan, be sure to stop by the store on Sunday and see what they have done, because in any case, we will surely be amazed.

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