Seagate Announces new GoFlex Satellite Portable Hard Drive for iOS devices

Today Seagate announced their newest drive in the GoFlex series named Satellite. The new Satellite drive allows your iOS devices to connect to the drive via WiFi using an iOS app to access music and media stored on the drive. You can also connect to the drive from any device that uses 802.11 g/n networking.

The drive has 500GB in storage space, allowing most anybody to store their entire iTunes library on the drive. The drive also has a built-in battery that Seagate is rating at 5 hours of playback time and up to 25 hours of standby time from one single charge. You can sync the drive to your PC using Seagates software, and then can access it using Seagates iOS application.

You can preorder the drive now from, and from Best Buy. The retail price will be $199, which is a bit steep for a 500GB drive, but may be worth it for the travelers out there that want all their movies with them to watch on their iPad.

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