New Apple Store 2.0 is live and real!

Well, it turns out our reports of the new Apple Store layouts is true. Thanks to our Australian friends, who are about a day ahead of us, we get an early sneak peak of the new store design and layout. The stores now use iPads to display product information and ask for help with products. You can press the “ask a specialist” button, and an Apple specialist will come over to you and give you assistance. The iPads are also locked down and surrounded by a plastic case. The home button does not appear to work, and the new Apple Store application has been loaded on them as well.

apple store 2.0 macbookPro apple store 2.0 iPhone4 apple store 2.0 iPads apple store 2.0 ask Apple Store 2.0 iPad

There was also no party, nor was there any type of celebration. There were no Apple Executives there to congratulate anyone. There was no 10 year anniversary banners or anything mentioning that they have been open for 10 years. Still is worth going down to your local Apple Store and checking out the new displays.

[images courtesy macstories]

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