iDashboard 1.0 released: A multipage dashboard for iPhone

iDashboard multipage

Windows 7 and Mac OS X users enjoy the experience of having Widgets on their desktop. This is one option which iPhone users did not have up till now. WyndWarrior has released iDashboard 1.0 for iPhone. Think of iDashboard as an iPhone utility, which provides widget functionality similar to the one that Mac OS X offers for the desktop users. iDashboard contains useful widgets such as weather widget, calendar and much more.

iDashboard for iPhone features

The features that the iDashboard 1.0 brings include:

  • World clock widget.
  • Weather widget.
  • Calendar widget.
  • Calculator.
  • Lock screen dashboard.
  • Double-tap dashboard.
  • Wallpapers with support for auto-dim option.
  • Wallpapers can be changed by picking another one from the photo app.
  • Installable Widget packs (Coming soon).
  • Multi-page dashboard.

Dashboard 1.0 works with iPhone and iPod Touch.

Download Dashboard 1.0

(Editor’s note: This app is available for jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch only. The installation instructions can be found here.)

iDashboard multipage

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