iLIVEX For Multitasking & Flash On Your iPad, Now Available In AppStore!

iLivex.pngiLIVEx is a revolutionary app for iPad which allows you to securely connect from your iPad to a remote Unix/Linux desktop so you can continue to work whether you are in a conference room at work over Wifi or with your data connection (3G) on-the-go while on a bus going home. You can also use iLIVE to connect to an existing LIVE session already initiated from a Windows, Macintosh or Linux workstation using other clients solutions by StarNet Communications, the publisher of iLIVEX for iPad.

The best thing about iLIVE is that users who don’t have access to Linux servers are provided with a FREE account on a StarNet Linux server with each iLIVEX purchase, that hosts applications such as FireFox and OpenOffice. This opens endless possibilities including true multitasking as well as running flash right on your iPad.


Major highlights of capabilities for iLIVEx clients on an iPad include:

  • Viewing Flash: by way of Firefox on their remote Linux desktop, iPad users can employ iLIVEx to work with Flash-based Web sites and applications.
  • True multitasking: iLIVEx users can work on multiple office applications (word processor, e-mail, spreadsheet, and so on) simultaneously and copy and paste data between them.
  • Persistency: Users can reconnect to their remote Linux/Unix desktop at any time, even after the iPad has disconnected from the network. “No work is lost due to a disconnect,” StarNet says.
  • Desktop Switching: Users can seamlessly switch remote desktops between iPads, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh PCs.
  • Simplicity: To start a remote Linux desktop, all you need is the name (or IP address) of the remote machine and your login.


iLIVEX is now available on the AppStore for $14.99.

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Download iLIVEX for iPad (Direct Link)

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