Improve Nexus 5 Camera Quality Considerably With This Mod

Nexus phones have never been known for their camera quality. Google tried to change that with Nexus 5 by including an 8MP rear camera with optical image stabilization but unfortunately, the reviews still blasted away the results due to saturation, color and autofocus issues. Luckily for users, XDA exists and its amazing user base with talented developers. They have created a mod that greatly improves the photo and video quality of Nexus 5’s camera.

Improve Your Nexus 5 Camera Quality With These Mods

The mod adds/improves the following features:

  • Improves video and audio bitrate and jpeg encoding quality for both front and back cameras. This has an impact on the file size for photos and videos but improves quality as well
  • Sound recording is in stereo by utilizing the secondary mic
  • Speeds up the focusing in camera app
  • Antibanding default set to 50Hz
  • Adjustments to focus range
  • Enhanced smooth zoom
  • Enables edge enhancement
  • Noise cancellation
  • Enhanced skin tone color hue
  • Exposure compensation to compensate for lower exposure
  • Improved color reproduction
  • And much more

Installation of the mod is very easy. Just navigate to XDA ( link at the end of this article ), download the mod of your choice and flash it via custom recovery. If you don’t have a custom recovery installed, follow our guide on how to install a custom recovery on Nexus 5. The good thing about these mods is that the developer has given different versions so you can try them and use the one that you find best.

Before installing the mod, make sure that you back up your ROM using recovery so you can go back in case of any issue. The developer for this mod has been kind enough to provide a stock settings file as well, which you can flash to revert in case you are not happy with the changes.

Head on over to XDA to give the mod a try.

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